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Castle of Tossa de Mar

The beauty of its beaches and forests and their historical and cultural heritage make Tossa de Mar a benchmark required for tourism.

The castle was built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, to defend piracy. Consists of 7 towers connected by a wall surrounding population (Vila Vella).

"Vila Vella"

It is the only example of a fortified medieval town that still exists in the Catalan coast and was declared a National Historic Monument in 1931.

"Sant Grau"

The sanctuary of "Sant Grau" is in the "massis de Cadiretes" commanding a splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Among the 25 best beaches

Chosen by "National Geographic" in 2013, among the 25 best beaches in the world.

Ava Gardner

In the 1950s, Ava Gardner and James Mason came to the small town to film Pandora and the Flying Dutchman and that gave fame to Tossa de Mar.

Beaches and Bays

All his charm, we can find them both near the center of town as several kilometers. You can arrive by boat or car. The main beaches and coves are "Platja Gran", "Mar-Menuda", "Es Codolar", "Cala Bona", "Cala Pola" and "Cala Futadera" among others.

Church Sant Vicenç

It was begun in 1755 because it was within the walls was far from the population that extended outside the walls. Is neoclassical and is located in the center of town.


On July 1 the "Platja Gran" with castle background fireworks are launched to celebrate the "Festa Major".

"Catifas" flowers in the streets

Carpets of flowers fill the entire old town Tribute to the feast of Corpus Christi (The day is celebrated varies each year).

"Torre de Can Magi"

It was one of the guard towers that served to guard the coast from attacks by pirates in the sixteenth century when it was built. He communicated with the other neighboring towers with smoke signals or light at night. It was restored in 1997.

Lighthouse of Tossa

The old maritime lighthouse in Tossa de Mar, located in the highest part of the "Vila Vella", a building from the early twentieth century, has been converted into an interpretation center of maritime signals, a museum housing information world of lighthouses. The building, completely remodeled, also a bar where spectacular views of the Costa Brava are sighted.

"Vila Romana"

The "Vil·la romana dels Ametllers" is one of the most important de Catalunya. Large, established the first century BC and remained active until the V and VI centuries AD.

Municipal Museum

It is located within the "Vila Vella" is one of the oldest museums in contemporary art (1935). It contains works of great artists, many of whom spent time in the "Vila" thirties.

"Pi de Can Martí"

It is a monumental and emblematic tree Tossa declared Tree of Local Interest